The Meyer Center for Special Children

November 2015
Guild Member Bill Schmidt, MD built and donated a birdhouse for inclusion in items offered in an auction to raise funds for the Meyer Center. The photo below/right shows Guild VP Bruce Rankin presenting the birdhouse to Ryan Thackray, Director of Development, for the Meyer Center.

The Birdhouse

Bill Schmidt with Birdhouse

Bruce Rankin (right) presenting
the birdhouse to Ryan Thackray

November 2014
These are 2 toy chests built by Keith Rackley, Bill Bagwell, and Bill Brett, for the upcoming Meyer Center auction.

August 2010

Three offices were each equipped with 3 wall cabinets and 4 base cabinets,
 2 of which contain file drawers, for a total of 21 cabinets. The project team
 was led by Bill Bagwell, and consisted of Bill Brett, Ron Critser, Ed Kroposki,
 Keith Rackley, Jerry Thomas, and Tom Vandiver. As can be seen by the pictures,
 the Meyer Center staff is quite pleased with the results.

May 2010

Free-standing hall cubby

Four-door cabinet over sink   

Floor cabinet

Three-door cabinet over sink

Above and beyond the call of duty: Jerry Thomas, Ron Critser, Bill Bagwell

April 2010

74 "Kids Classic" golf blocks, delivered by Ruth and Darryl Roberson

February 2010

Equipment racks, Darryl Roberson

December 2009

Darryl Roberson and his son George built this exercise table. They are shown
above with Meyer Center employees Seline (seated) and Karen.

November 2009

The below is an excerpt from the Meyer Center Fall 2009 newsletter:

November 2009

These are five "little" chairs for the Meyer Center. The original chair plan had to be completely re-drawn for a smaller chair. Darryl Roberson and son George did most of this project, with Tony Ryan cutting out the legs, and Bobby Hartness helping cut a grove in the metal slides for the foot-rest.




June 2009

At the Guild's Annual Cookout Meeting, the Meyer Center presented us with this plaque:


December 2008

James Childress and Al Masson were the drivers behind this year's bountiful toy drive

Some of the toys presented to the Meyer Center

Items for the Physical Training room


October 2008

Mailbox, built by Bill Bagwell and Danny Goodson

July 2008

These mirrors were installed prior to July 2008

February 2008
Benches & Shelves

Cabinet Project

Jim Kilton attaching shelving unit

Bob Rayle installing drawer

Karl Kelly, Tom Vandiver, Aubrey Rogers, and Jim Kilton installing upper cabinets

Darryl Roberson, Tom Vandiver, and Buzz Sprinkle performing various tasks

Finishing up Executive Director's office

Base cabinets in Executive Director's office

Upper cabinets in Executive Director's office

Finished product in another office

A third office

A fourth office

February 2008

Meyer Center says "Thank You"

December 2007

Desk, by Dave Decherd

November 2007

The guys that helped deliver the furniture to the MC are: Bill Brett, Bill Keener, Bill Sweetay, Danny Goodson, Darryl Roberson and Aubrey Rogers (not pictured). They are show above with a Meyer Center employee.
The Stairs were built by Aubrey Rogers and Darryl Roberson.
The Platform was made by Lyman Campbell (not pictured) and Darryl Roberson.

Christmas 2006

The Guild delivered 93 toys to the Meyer Center this Christmas. The toys were made by many members, and delivered by Ted Glaus (Santa's helper, and a neighbor of Jim Kilton's) , Jim Kilton, and Karl Kelly.


Christmas 2005
We delivered more toys than they have children enrolled.  And that's a good thing!

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