Fund Raising

The Greenville Woodworkers Guild, Inc., as can be seen from our Charitable Projects page, performs many tasks for local, worthy causes. All labor provided by our members is voluntary.  We have our own shop, where virtually all work on charitable projects is performed. While member dues pay for a portion of machine purchases and maintenance, supplies (glue, sandpaper, clamps, etc.), overhead (electricity, HVAC, water, etc.), dues do not cover all the expenses incurred.

In order to do all that we would like to do to serve the community, we need to raise funds to replace old equipment, replenish supplies, and otherwise maintain and improve our facilities. 

If you are interested in helping us out with some form of a contribution, be it cash, land, building, or something else, please let us know by contacting our Fund Raising Chairman 

Thank you for your consideration.

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