US Endowment for Forestry and Communities

September/October 2011

The US Endowment for Forestry and Communities project is complete and they seem pretty pleased. The mission of this non-profit which is headquartered in Greenville and located on North St., across from the police station is:

The Endowment works collaboratively with partners in the public and private sectors to advance systemic, transformative and sustainable change for the health and vitality of the nation's working forests and forest-reliant communities.

The Endowment recently renovated and occupied the Little Princess Restaurant using a lot of walnut and maple on the walls. The place is pretty eclectic and they have kept the restaurant theme. For example, the counter stools which we built bases for are used for seating in the break room and in front of the CEO’s desk. They converted a glass door refrigerator into a book case. We made a maple insert for the top of the refrigerator/bookcase. We also built a walnut shelf which we mounted behind Carlton Owen’s (CEO) desk. For their conference room we provided a 4’x5’ projection screen of maple and trimmed with walnut. Also Wayne Comstock made a nifty round oak table and mounted it around a pole in their break room for which we previously provide photos.

Guild members involved in various aspects of this project were: Mac Bowman, Bruce Colby (whose wife is the Endowment’s Executive Assistant and made the first contact with us), Wayne Comstock, and Rusty Hill.

Steve Padula

The oak table above was made in two pieces, then bolts were used to compress the table around a 4" steel post. What appears to be a continuous ring around the pole is a piece made by Dave Paul, then broken and epoxied around the pole. The stools are leftovers in the building which housed The Little Princess restaurant across from the law enforcement center. Steve Padula made five oak bases and bolted the old stools to them.

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