Bette Ann Braeutigam

April 2007

Fellow Woodworkers 

When a group from the Guild visited Bette Ann to arrange for the delivery of the auction items, she showed us her house which was being renovated by her late husband. The situation could not have been worse! Three sides of the house were in various stages of renovation. The section she is living in was cramped and has no outside light. She had few resources to complete the renovation, and could not find anyone willing to do the work.

This was an opportunity to help a person with a real need!

We agreed to ask members to join us in completing the house. Outside work consists of tidying up, putting on trim, sealing concrete corners, sealing a joint with the old house, closing in a porch, etc. One room needed the ceiling and walls installed, some other small fixes. 

The front of the house was expanded to enlarge the kitchen and hallway. The area was unfinished, walls needed to be removed and a new kitchen created, a much larger assignment but it was be done as this modification was a must in order to have livable home. This was priority two.

And a third room required some major thought to integrate it into the existing structure.

Ron Critser coordinated all activities between Bette Ann and the Guild; ensuring supplies are on hand to do the work and ensuring we complete the work to her specifications. Several others offered to head the work parties.

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