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General Woodworking

Mary May Woodcarving blog - Tablesaw safety House plans and more - Improving your home; a beginners guide to woodworking
Tablesaw Guide - reviews, accessories, tips, & techniques Custom sawmilling - Jim Davis, 864 908 0720,
Sketchup for woodworkersa Sketchup tutorial site specifically for woodworkers. - power tool reviews and woodworking ideas/tutorials - router bits
Automatic flute spacing jig - willing to sell jig for $25.00 plus S&H, provided they can be mailed in bulk to one location.
Swing Plans - Plans and Patterns
for Porch Swings, Glider Swings, and more - indispensable tool for the small shop. - a host of plans available. Mention that you heard about this company through our Guild, and you will receive 10% off (no expiration date on this offer). Dovetail template generator - enter dimensions of the wood, number of tails, etc and it will create a template image to scale.
Print the template, fold over the wood, and cut through to form the tails. - garage/workshop plans - the website name is self-explanatory. Do not use from home; access should only be used from the Guild Shop. - built by a long time amateur, turned professional, woodworker to pass along tips and techniques - a wall tool storage system that's adaptable to any workshop, woodworking ideas, techniques, post issues for discussion - Bench stones and sharpening supplies for woodworkers Anderson planes Traditional style infill planes  One of the web's most complete resource center for woodworkers Creative Woodcraft Plans  Literally hundreds of plans, especially for the scrollsaw.
Grit Chart  Who says that sandpaper is boring!  Finisher's Corner  If it's finishing, Michael Dresdner has the answer.
Bench Notes  Jigs, plans, general info, links, and a woodworking humor page Jeff Greef Woodworking  Plans, techniques and resources for the hobbyist woodworker
Router Expert  Got questions?  A willing teacher can help you. The Woodchuck Canuck  BIG list of links and plans.
Center for Wood Anatomy Research  A US Forest Service site about wood itself, including wood species from around the world. 101 Woodworking Tips  Be careful.  You can spend some time here.  It's great.
Turn after Turn  You won't believe what this fellow does with a lathe. The Hardwood Council  Get a free CD showing stain variations on different woods, and lots of other stuff.  Nice site.
Arizona Woodturners Association Dedicated to Providing Education, Information, and Organization To Those Interested in Woodturning as a Chapter of the American Association of Woodturners All Woodwork dedicated to woodworking, home improvement, and gardening. How-to articles and tips.
Sawdust Making 101  A wonderful guide for the beginning woodworker.
Benchmark  Technical info about projects, machines & techniques. Woodfinder  Find local sources of lumber, veneer, laminates, sawmills, etc.

Happy Woodworking  This is a cool site!  You won't be disappointed.

Dry Kiln Operator's Manual  From (you guessed it) the US Forest Service

Sawdust and Shavings - project ideas and tool reviews Miller Vacuum Clamping builds vacuum clamping kits for work holding. They work well for holding workpieces for routing, sanding, scraping, and holding jigs in place. Staining and coloring wood. Color wood while it is growing. Tool reviews, projects, board-foot calculator, dictionary, etc Share your passion for antique tools books, catalogs, magazines, plans, newsletters, software, tips, tool drawings, etc. - Jewelry boxes and cutting boards, including resources such as wood descriptions and how-to information to locate a particular plan or article. This site scans indexes of several magazines to find what you want. Thanks to Fred Ray. - woodworking videos serving Greer and surrounding area since 1982
Woodworking videos for the professional trim carpenter - woodworking tools, forum, videos, instruction manuals. - Wood Working Information & Plans Design software - 10% discount for Guild members until end of March 2007. Use code wqe5dg
Woodworking articles - online information about woodworking. David Fink Workshops - see further information regarding these workshops near Boone, NC
FREE AVG Virus Protection Software  (I know this isn't about woodworking, but you're on a computer right now, this is free, and all the computer geeks say it's the best virus software available.  When you're there, click on the "Free Download Page.")

The Ultimate Guide(s) to Wood PropertiesAnd they’re FREE!  The USDA’s Forest Products Laboratory has two great books about North American wood properties. They are a free download in .PDF format and contain over 150 pages.
Softwoods of North America
Hardwoods of North America

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Turning - a supplier of quality domestic turning rounds of many species; located about 45 minutes southwest of Greenville, near Greenwood; offer local pickup and have a large amount of turning stock in stock. Contains forums on all sorts of woodwork, including a special forum just for woodturning.  Has some very good turning articles by Russ Fairfield. WoodNet woodworking forums.  Specific forums for turning, handtools, power tools. Etc. One of the larger woodworking forums. Specific forums similar to WoodNet.  Not as large, but much less garbage.  Some of Saw Mill Creek’s founders founded the Freedom Pen Project. Official website of the Freedom Pens Project that is sending handmade pens to soldiers in Iraq – a very worthwhile effort. American Association of Woodturners.  National organization – sponsors local clubs and an annual turning symposium Meets in Asheville at Folk Art Center third Saturday of each month.  Many members of GWG are also members of CMW.  Each meeting brings a world renowned woodturner for a day long demonstration.  Site has a very comprehensive gallery of turned objects by numerous members.  Check it out to find many pieces from Greenville’s own. Site about the annual Southern Sates Woodturning Symposium in Gainesville, Ga. Good all around turning site.  Projects to do with detailed instructions, lots of good links and other info.  This is the site where much of the class handout info comes from.  Lots of articles to help with all aspects of turning, finishing, drying, buying and more. John C. Campbell Folk School in Brasstown, NC offers lots of turning classes as well as all sorts of other folk art classes. Arrowmont School for folk arts in Gatlinburg, TN Similar to John C. Campbell but bigger.
/otherturnerssites.msnw MSN group with links to a bunch of woodturners and their sites.
International Association of Penturners.  An internet group of over 1000 members dedicated to turning pens and to sharing penturning information, tips, tricks, etc.  Much of  the information on finishing, drying and the like is applicable to any type of woodturning. Bill Baumbeck’s site for penturning supplies.  Bill sells PSI and Craft Supplies pen kits at very good prices, along with a nice variety of pen blanks and all necessary bushings, finishes, and accessories.  He is dedicated pretty much to just pens and bottle stoppers. This is the big one.  Craft Supplies USA in Utah.  If it woodturning, They sell it.  They carry several of the big lathes and all the tools you could ask for.  They are owned by Dale Nish, a world famous turner who sponsors an annual symposium at the store in Utah.  They are one of three pen kit manufacturers in the U.S. Highland Hardware in Atlanta.  Quality tools for all aspects of woodwork with a good selection of turning tools and supplies. Hut Products is manufacturer of Hut polishes and finishing products.  Also sells pen kits, game call kits, and miscellaneous turning equipment and supplies. Klingspor’s Woodworking shops.  Manufacturers of a wide range of abrasives, they have stores in Hickory, Charlotte, Winston-Salem, and Raleigh, NC that are similar to Woodcraft carrying a nice variety of tools, supplies, etc.  This is the place to buy abrasives!  Good to visit store and rummage through their abrasives seconds bin wher you can buy by the pound.  GWG members get a discount on most stuff. Lee Valley is the parent company of Veritas tools.  Generally speaking, if Lee Valley has it, their price is as good or better than anywhere else.  Good selection of turning tools and accessories, though they do not carry lathes.  They also carry a good selection of tools and shop related stuff that you don’t find anywhere else.  Plus they have the full line of  Veritas. Packard Woodworks in Tryon, NC.  They have a store with a small display area.  Although the intent is primarily mail order, you can visit personally and ask to see an item before you buy.  Things like pen kits are Penn State’s at a slightly higher price than PSI.  The real beauty of Packard is that if you order by 2:00P.M., you will usually have it on your doorstep the next day in the Greenville area. Penn State Industries is one of three manufacturers of pen kits.  Many other suppliers sell their kits at higher prices.  They also carry a wide selection of  small lathes, tools, accessories, and finishing products.  They also manufacture their own dust collection systems. Alan Lacer”wrote the book” and did the video on using the skew chisel.  He offers additional videos and books and some direct help on his website. Site dedicated primarily to veneering has very good info on building vacuum systems for veneer presses that work beautifully for vacuum chucking of turnings.  They also sell the required parts. Treeline is owned by the son of Dale Nish, owner of Craft Supplies.  Treeline’s primary market is the carvers.  Great place to shop for carving type stuff. Home page for all the Woodcraft stores.  If you need to order, go by or call the local store and let them order for you.  Same price, but the local store gets a percentage.  Paul Patterson and company will appreciate it. Oneway Manufacturing  Company of Canada – manufacturers of the oneway lathes, chucks, tailstock centers, coring system, and the Wolverine grinding jig.  They have free  downloadble videos on using the Oneway jig and the coring system. Specializing in pen turning stuff.  They seem to have some good specials from time to time. Nick Cook is a world reknowned turner living in the Atlanta area who specializes in production turning of wine stoppers. All Righteous Hardwoods has a good selection of hardwoods in both domestic and exotic, both bowl blanks, burls, and dimensioned lumber. Berea is one of three manufacturers of pen kits.  Many of Woodcraft’s pens come from Berea.  Be aware that Berea uses two different sizes of mandrel and therefore, everything may not interchange easily with other manufacturers.  They do make some very nice pen kits, different from the other guys. This site has about as good a selection of pen blanks as I’ve found at reasonable prices. Cormark’s website is not that great.  But, it’s worth the effort to visit their “store” in Weaverville, NC.  It’s literally a hole in the wall but packed full of some of the nicest exotic wood around.  Fabs Corte, the owner is a very friendly Italian from South Africa who will bend over backwards to sell you some wood.  They supply a very large portion of Woodcraft’s exotic hardwoods.  They are a supporting member of GWG, ut discounts are minimal. Need burls?  Dale’s got’em.  Nuff said! If you never buy a thing from these guys, go to their site regularly just to browse the thirty or so pages of unique and one of a kind boards.  Take some towels to the computer with you because you will be drooling all over the place.
/greenville/dechdwe3.htm Greenville-Spartanburg Hardwoods.  They do have some pretty reasonable prices on drawer and door hardware.  They are a sponsor for GWG and do offer members a discount. Steve Wall Lumber Company located in Mayodan, NC carries a very good selection of domestic hardwood and some exotics at reasonable prices.  You can get it rough or finished in any way you want it.  They offer UPS packs of 20 or so board feet of a particular species if you just want to play around a little with a particular wood.  I have been very well pleased with what I’ve ordered from them. A very helpful site for wood identification with lots of pictures and a reference list of common and latin names of over 10, 000 woods. Website of the International Wood Collector’s Society.  They publish a very good magazine for members and publish one of the best wood identification books I’ve seen.
Robust Tools LLC manufacturers high quality wood turning lathes, lathe accessories and the patent pending "Tilt Away Tailstock".

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Woodworkers Website Association Plans, tool reviews, info exchange, bulletin board, safety, online learning, etc. Resources, Buy and Sell, Forums, Knowledge Base, Product Directory, etc

WoodNet Woodworking Tips, techniques, tool reviews, plans, supplies, etc.

rec.Woodworking FAQ  Guide to the original woodworking newsgroup
International Association of Penturners Self-explanatory. Tool Reviews Check out the tool before you buy it!
Saw Mill Creek Woodworkers Forums WoodCentral Marketplace, message board, book reviews, etc - Router and woodworking discussion community  

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Just for fun

Painting with sawdust
National Belt Sander Racing Association Woodturning crossword puzzle
Ugly Tool Contest See what this man does with wood

Shopping - Western Juniper (Cypress family) - Over 15,000 quality woodworking tools and supplies since 1928 The Tool Shed (a Guild Associate) special Guild pricing.

Dodson's Woodworking - hand-crafted rockers, benches, and chairs. - cabinets and unique boxes
Creative Rustic Designs - Handmade Furniture, made from recycled materials Rockler Woodworking & Hardware - Tools and supplies for woodworking projects including routers, router tables and bits.
Vintage Games Woodworking Plans Woodworking plans for classic board games and other projects suitable for hobby woodworkers Woodworker Online  Links to many sites for brand names, forums, and information.
The Utter Guys  Good source for tools.  Free shipping, too. The Woodworking Shop (by Klingspor, a Guild Associate)
Earth friendly woods and finishes plus ways to recycle sawdust and wood chips.          
All Righteous Woods  Supplying the world with inspiring hardwoods and burls since 1981
RYOBI Tools (a Guild Sponsor)
Thanks for all your support
Lake Superior Designs custom woodworking plans for furniture
A website featuring a GWG member.
Log furniture directory log and rustic furnishings
Garden/storage sheds. Lots of sizes, shapes, price ranges, materials,& manufacturers. Roarockit Thin Air Press
For Marquetry & Veneer Laminating. An inexpensive alternative for bending. is a small mill operator just outside of Asheville, with low pricing on hardwood and can do KD; delivery available. Lee Valley Tools is a mail-order retailer specializing in woodworking and gardening tools
Red Ridge Fine Furniture Handcrafted Made-to-Order Rustic Log, Recycled Wood, Solid Wood, Amish & Farm Country Furniture; Natural Burl Slab Tables, Beds & Desks; Windsor Chairs; Wood Carvings of Bears, Woodland Animals, & Birds of Prey Scroll Saw Patterns and Custom Designed Patterns - website contains CAD software for designing doors, and they sell door & shutter hardware. Personalize your yard and garden. - highly figured woods and lumber Wood corbels Unfinished wood corbels for your next project. - Saw4Fun - Low Cost and Free Scroll Saw Patterns Projects In Wood  A website featuring four GWG members! 150+ species of exotic and domestic veneers, lumber, carving pieces, and 4x8 faces - exotic and domestic lumber - clock parts and kits supplier - 4/4 Curly Maple, Cherry, Walnut, QS White Oak and African Mahogany, in Simpsonville
Coates Salvage Asheville
2460 Ashworth Rd,  Marion, NC
Dewalt Factory Store
1259 S Pleasantburg Dr, Unit C
Greenville SC 29605 864-232-3038
Carolina Refinishing Supplies
Carolina Cabinet Doors
115 Pride Drive
Simpsonville, SC
Greenville Spartanburg Hardwood Center
Crawford Saw & Tool
120 Biblebrook Drive
Cormark International
Asheville, NC
Duncan's Hardware
1506 Augusta Road
Allied Casework Supply
1140 White Horse Road
Tidewater Lumber & Moulding
596 Anderson Ridge Rd, Greer

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Woodworking Magazine - An upstart magazine from Popular Woodworking.  Fine Woodworking article on GWG new Education Center - to read the entire article, click on "guild" under the picture
Woodcraft Magazine - Projects, People, and Products Fine Woodworking  
Woodworker's Journal  Woodsmith
Workbench American Woodworker
Popular Woodworking Wood Magazine
Creative Woodworks & Crafts  Scrolling, carving, intarsia, woodcrafts Carving Magazine Online
Sage Sentinel - Free subscription offer to GWG members Shopnotes  

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Other Guilds, Schools, and Organizations

Marc Adams School of Woodworking - hands- on workshops Triangle Woodworkers Association - a brother organization in Raleigh
Washington Woodworkers Guild of the National Capital Area - a website containing photos of woodworker's creations
Society of American Period Furniture Makers - to address the specific interests and needs of cabinet makers who specialize in the furniture of America's past. Woodworkers Guild of America - video instruction, tips and techniques.
Charlotte Woodworkers Association   Piedmont Wood Carvers Club (Greenville, SC)  
Woodworkers Guild of Georgia  (A good content provider for just about anything in upstate SC)
Upstate Visual Arts, Greenville, South Carolina Canadian Woodcrafters
Specializing in scroll sawing.
Lonnie Bird's School of Fine Woodworking   Gwinnett Woodworkers Association  Lawrenceville, GA
John C. Campbell Folk School  Brasstown, NC  Teaching time-honored crafts, music and dance since 1925 Carolina Mountain Woodturners  They're just up the road near Asheville.  A great place to learn about turning!
Southern Architectural Woodwork The August 2004 bus trip. Wood Carving How to turn a hobby into a profitable hobby. You don't need to be an artist to engrave like a pro!
Minnesota Woodworkers Guild representing excellence of design and craftsmanship in wood.   the Ball and Claw Jeffery Greene Furnituremaker, continuing the tradition of Newport craftsmanship.
San Diego Fine Woodworkers Association - Kelly Mehler's School of Woodworking is designed to give skilled and hobbyist woodworkers the focused attention and encouragement needed to build their skills, comfort level and repertoire of woodworking techniques.
South Florida Woodworking Guild - A place where woodworkers in any endeavor can gain information, learn skills, exchange ideas, discuss problems and enjoy the good fellowship associated with these goals East Tennessee Woodworkers Guild, 14th Masters Woodworkers Show

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