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bullet Black Walnut Wood - $0
Free black walnut wood. Tree fell; some has been cut; the main trunk is intact, straight.
Just come and haul off. There is a tractor to help load.
Call or email for for pics.
Contact at Susan at 864 373-1088
(Posted 10/22/15)
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Walnut board - $200
5' x 3 7/8" x 11 3/4"
Contact at Richard at 864 399-9221
(Posted 10/22/15)
board1 board2
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Tormek T7 Tool Grinder - $625
Purchased Jan 2011, used 3 or 4 times at most.
2+ years remaining on manufacturers warranty
Includes additional items:
    - Knife jig
    - Long knife jig
    - Short tool jig
    - Axe jig
    - Machine cover
    - Rotating base
    - Work light
    - Machine stand with 2 full extension drawers
      and built in step up stool
Current purchase price in excess of $1000
Will sacrifice for $625
Contact Jeff at (864)942-0260 or (864)980-2818
(Posted 10/11/15)
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bullet Wood Boards - $Best Offer
At 86 I'm not able to do anymore woodworking.
Over the years, I've accumulated several good boards.
They range from 24" to 10-12 ft. long. 6 to 12" wide.
Come look at them and make me an offer.
Contact at Jerry at 864 244 8332
(Posted 10/10/15)
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Planer, Tablesaw, Jointer
Best offer and all are yours
Contact at Sheila at 864-332-7594
(Posted 10/7/15)
table saw planer jointer
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Dust Collector - $125
This dust collector is designed to fit on top of a 55 gal. drum. All of the housing and the impeller is made of cast aluminum. It has a 3 phase 2 h.p. Dayton motor that sits on top.
Contact at John at 864-444-8636
(Posted 10/3/15)
dust collector 2 dust collector 1
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Delta 14" Bandsaw - $500
Model Delta 28-276. Like new, runs great. 3/4HP 8 Amp motor, 14" rip width, 6 3/8" resaw capacity.
Comes with mobile base, Kreg rip fence, 1/4" 10 TPI and two 1/2" 4 TPI Timber wolf blades (all still sharp),
Cool Blocks ceramic blade guides.
Saw and everything was over $650 new, asking $500.
Contact at Kyle at 864-650-1332
(Posted 9/29/15)
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Lion Miter Trimmer - $100
Make perfect joints.
All the attachments come with it.
Contact at Fred at 828-699-0694
(Posted 9/12/15)
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Stuhr Straight Line Sander - $250
Fine furniture makers use this for finishing the finish.
Contact at Fred at 828-699-0694
(Posted 9/12/15)
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Milwaukee HD Polisher - $100
Model #5460; Great shape.
Contact at Fred at 828-699-0694
(Posted 9/12/15)
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