Director's Manual

  GWG Bylaws Organization Chart Roster of Officers
   Policies Position Descriptions
  01  Issuance of Policies Shop Supervisor
  02  Membership Privileges and Fees Shop Assistant
  03  Monetary Contributions Newsletter Editor
  04  Non-Monetary Contributions Mentoring Chairman
  05  Appointed Officers and Chairmen Membership Chairman
  06  Library VP Charitable Projects
  07  Shop Use Librarian
  08  Website Use Program Chairman
  09  Election of Directors and Officers Community Relations Manager
  10  Charitable Projects Website Manager
  11  Life Members VP Fund Raising
  12  Financial Accounting Historian
  13  Gaming Activities Guild Accountant
  14  Nondiscrimination Audio-Visual Chairman
  15  Operations Education Center Superintendent
  16  Compensation of Member Instructors Woodworking Shop Manager
  19  Sexual Molestation Prohibition Facility Building Manager
  20  Sexual Harassment Prohibition Facility Grounds Manager
  21  Project Request Wood Resources Manager
  22 Use of Guild Facilities IT Manager
  23  Youth Education Program Events Manager
      VP Communications
      VP Educatonal Activities
      Executive Vice President